First International Magazine


So, I am the worst blogger of all time but no one really reads this so it's fine. Haha. But I recently got published in my first international print magazine! I've been published in digital and local magazines but never a cool, indie, bridal magazines from freaking Australia!!!! I'm normally not all about the accolades but this feels like a pretty exciting moment in my career. 

I was really excited that I was also able to bring my friend Jenn on to do the hair. She made everything so much more fun and less nerve-wracking. Along with Jenn, the rest of the team was amazing as well. There were such good vibes on set which always makes for a great day. I also got to work with people I've followed on social media for years and have always admired their work so it was surreal to say the least. 

I am so happy with how everything turned out! The coordinating was a little stressful [have you ever realized how ridiculous the time difference between here and Australia is?!] but everything seemed to fall into place. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I'm looking forward to the future. Thank you to Carla and the team at White Magazine for having me! If you'd like, you can order the March issue online HERE or if for some reason you live in Australia and read this, you can find it in store. Lol.

Here are a few of my favorite photos:

white_#39_fashion shoot - field of dreams (10) (2).JPG
white_#39_fashion shoot - field of dreams (5) (1).JPG
white_#39_fashion shoot - field of dreams (6) (1).JPG
white_#39_fashion shoot - field of dreams (7) (1).JPG

Check it out if you'd like to see my actual name printed very small at the bottom of the page. Haha. But really, I am so grateful for any and all opportunities I get. 

- Ashley

Ashley Tani